The constantly changing landscape

Information technology is constantly changing, and it can be hard for small businesses to stay informed. We can advise your business on how to use current information technology to meet your business goals:

  • strategy sessions, and assessments of your current technology,
  • explain new technology concepts in simplified, relevant, and actionable ways, and
  • teach you to adapt and capitalize with new technology tools that can keep you effecient, effective, and relevant in the marketplace,

Change aheadWe can help you:

  • To gain external, more objective advice and recommendations.
  • To learn from our technology experience.
  • Simply as temporary help, during a one-time project, where hiring a permanent employee is not in your best interest.

Four basic principles we follow with our technology consulting:

Focus on the relationship: Understanding the personality and expectations of client, and client organization.

Clearly defined role: Defined roles and responsibilities for both clients, and consulting team.

Visualize success: Helping the client to see the end at the beginning.

We advise, you decide: Client is the best person to decide the best road for them to follow.

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Embracing the power of the cloud

A fundamental shift has taken place around how to deliver technology solutions to support business.

Cloud computing is the use of computing resources (hardware and software) that are delivered as a service over the Internet.

Software as a service, sometimes referred to as "on-demand software", is a software delivery model in which software and associated data are centrally hosted on the cloud. SaaS is typically accessed by users using a web browser. SaaS providers generally price applications using a subscription fee.

SaaS has become a common delivery model for many business applications, including accounting, collaboration, customer relationship management (CRM), invoicing, human resource management, and much more.

The emergence cloud computing allows private companies to access functionality and capabilities that historically have only been available to very large, very well-funded organizations.

In addition, with applications hosted centrally, updates can be released without the need for users to install new software.