The development process

Content, content, content.

Despite the importance of tasteful design, we believe that the success or failure of a web site ultimately comes down to content. We could spend enormous amounts of our time (and your money) developing a great looking site, but unless it has content/information that people (customers/members) are interested in, it will attract few visitors (and even fewer will return a second time).

What is content? It is your message, your products, your services. Someone took the time to come to your web site and this is your opportunity to communicate with them. The timeline can fit your needs, but the process remains the same:

  • Initial meeting to discuss your audience , the goals you have for communicating with them, and the outcomes you want to accomplish with your site.
  • First draft - we create a visual draft layout for review and development approval
  • Final design of working web site and publishing to your website host
  • Sign-off of contract
  • Updating services (if required) are provided under separate contract lexible, professional.
Maintaining your website

Once your site is completed, you will want to make sure that your investment brings returns. Successful sites are updated on a regular basis to ensure your clients and customers get relevant and current information. Fresh information will keep clients and customers returning to your site. floating webpage

Many non-profit organizations and small businesses don't have the staff who are trained in to maintaining their web site. We help by providing timely and cost-effective updating of your site.

What about an existing website? Many organizations have web sites that were originally designed for them and are now looking a little dated. We can advise on updates from simply freshening up the look of the existing design, to a full blown rewrite of your website.

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Just the facts

Our approach: discuss your jobs and recommend the most current tools.

  1. What: web sites - one page or many
  2. Approach: friendly, flexible, professional
  3. Results: affordable, effective communication with your clients/customers

We can create a practical, relevant, and tasteful website, based on your input and our experience. We offer web development services and basic graphic design at affordable prices.

We make it possible for small businesses and non-profit organizations to have user-friendly, eye-catching web sites without having to spend a small fortune.

Beyond the basics

We can help you add extra value to your website in a number of cost effective ways:

  • Create pdf documents from a wide variety of file types.
  • Create mailing lists and electronic newsletters.
  • Organize photo albums from pictures of special events, etc.
  • Help you to develop membership-only password protected areas for file sharing and discussions.

Many more services are available - just ask and we will work to accommodate your request.