Using technology to grow your business

In the early 1990’s, Creative Computer Services began helping Saskatchewan-based sport, culture and recreation organizations with their technology needs. Today we are helping many small businesses and non-profits to communicate more efficiently and effectively with technology.

Technology Consulting: Helping pick the right tools

Our approach: discuss your processes and recommend the most current tools.

Result: affordable, effective use of current technologies.


Website Consulting: Development & Maintenance

Our approach: friendly, flexible, professional.

Results: affordable, effective communication with your clients/customers.


Technology Training: Learning the Tools

Our approach: patience, plain language, lots of examples and practice.

Results: confidence to use the most current tools to get your work done efficiently and effectively.


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Leave us a message. We’d love to meet you and discuss how we can help your organization.

We can help you with your digital transformation strategy. Today’s reality is that all small businesses and non-profits need to provide efficient online service for their customers or members.